My Story

Born to parents of School Teachers, in the town of Luna, Province of La Union, Philippines.  The youngest of eight children -growing up in a musical family that performed for special events and gatherings. 

Me and my family moved to Hawaii in 1983, where we would be naturalized as U.S. Citizens.  We settled in a historical town of Waipahu, on the island of Oahu -where I would attend Waipahu High School -moving on to college -today, currently employed with the State of Hawaii, Judicial Branch.

I've always enjoyed singing with family and friends, but never imagined performing for total strangers. 
My friends and I would spend time in Karaoke Rooms, singing a variety of our favorite music.  As my passion for music grew, so did my interests in performing for others.  To satisfy this passion, I would enter karaoke contests.  Although I didn't win my first time around, I fell in love with performing.  This new found love, eventually led me to winning.  And from there, the rest is history...

~Lily's Band~ 
Lily's Band consists of various artists and musicians alike...